Introducing the newest Streamlabs Prime feature: Panels

Today Streamlabs OBS introduced its new prime feature: you can now create custom Twitch and Mixer panels if you have a Streamlabs Prime subscription.

This feature of Streamlabs Prime offers 50 customizable panels, helping rising streamers achieve their goals easier.

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What are panels on a live stream?

On every live streamer's profile, there is a section where they are able to add images, text, and links as a way to inform viewers about who they are and what they usually stream and other misc information. These graphics and connected texts are known in the live streaming world as panels.

Using panels on your live stream’s channel can be crucial if you are willing to make money by streaming. Providing information about yourself and your stream can lead to more and more followers not only on Twitch or Mixer but on social media as well. A professional-looking stream includes eye-catching, beautiful, and helpful panels.

But sometimes it is very difficult to set up these panels to be inviting if you are not experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other image editor. Don’t worry, Streamlabs has your back!

So how does Streamlabs Prime can help you with your panels?

Although Streamlabs Panels is still in a beta version, you can choose from 50 different pre-made panel designs if you go to ‘Panels’ in the left menu in Streamlabs. When you are browsing the panels you can see the color variations that are available for the panel design. I think everyone is able to find the perfect panel template that fits their brand and their personality.

Many content creators match their panels with their brand, making them consistent throughout their online presence. This tool helps you to create all your panels at once, and download them as a package, so you can go straight to your Twitch or Mixer channel and upload them one by one, adding meaningful content under them. At the same time, there are matching stream themes for these pre-made panels, so Streamlabs can be your ultimate kit if you are struggling with building your own brand.

How to create panels with Streamlabs?

Go to (link) and log in with your account. On the left menu, select Panels. Choose one of the templates that you prefer. Today I chose the Panel called ‘Toggle’ and went with the turquoise color variation on all of my panels.

On the left side in Panels, you can create your own set of panels; Streamlabs already put a default pack of panels together, but you can remove those or add panels depending on your preferences.

I recommend creating at least the following panels:

  • Each of your social media handles (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most importantly YouTube), these kinds of panels urges your viewers to follow you and you can stay in touch with them.

  • General info (an about panel) that contains every information about yourself you are willing to share with your audience.

  • Schedule to inform your viewers when you are streaming.

  • Donation linked to your donation page.

You can select a different color variation for each of your panels, or you can mix and match panels from the different templates, but I discourage you from doing this because it will make your channel’s image scattered, less unified which is not pleasing for us, who are struggling with OCD.

When you are creating your custom panel, you can choose your desired font for each of the panels - there are more than 800 fonts you can choose from plus can upload your custom font to Streamlabs.

You can also choose the weight and size of your chosen font, as well as the horizontal and vertical position of your custom text.

You can add icons to your panels as well. These help to recognize the functionality of the panel easier.

For now, you can select from the following icons:

Amazon, Behance, Paypal, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Whatsapp, Dollar sign, URL, Note, T-shirt, Heart, and HTML layout.

You can customize the icon’s size and its horizontal and vertical position. Again, I recommend going for a neat-looking, symmetric positioning on each panel.

How to download the panels you created?

Once you created and customized all of your panels, you can download them as a package, by clicking on ‘Download Panels’. Before you do so, Streamlabs provides a preview of each panel you created, just to make sure you are done with all of your work.

To be able to download and use the panels you created, you will need Streamlabs Prime.

With Streamlabs Prime you will also get:

  • Streamlabs App Store

  • Creator Sites

  • Custom Merch Store

  • Exclusive Premium Design Packages

  • Partner Discounts

  • Mobile Disconnect Protection

  • Renaming Cloudbot

  • Instant Gold Status

  • Extra Storage

If you are using this link to subscribe to Streamlabs Prime, you'll get $10 off on your yearly plan or $9 off on your monthly plan.

I recommend paying one month first, to see if you like Streamlabs Prime or not. If you do like it, you can change your plan to an annual subscription.

How to add your panels to your Twitch channel

1. To upload the panels you created to your channel on Twitch, first log in to your account.

2. In the top right corner click on your profile picture and select ‘Channel’.

3. Scroll down under your video and click on the little switch next to ‘Edit Panels’.

4. Click on the grey rectangle with a plus icon on it to add a custom panel.

5. Click on ‘Add a Text or Image Panel’.

6. Click on ‘Add Image’ to add the first panel you created. Select the image file from your computer.

7. If the image should link to something, add the link to the ‘Image Links To’ field.

8. If the panel should contain information (for example it’s the About Me section) add your desired content.

9. Once done, click on ‘Submit’.

If you have multiple panels, you can drag and drop them to reorder it as you like them.

You can find more help about setting up panels on Twitch here.

How to add your panels on your Mixer dashboard

1. Upload your panels to an image sharing website, like Imgur.

2. Log in to your Mixer account.

3. In the top right corner click on your profile picture and select Broadcast Dashboard.

4. In the Channel Description section, edit your description.

5. Click on the image icon.

6. Paste the URL from Imgur (or your preferred image sharing website) of your desired panel.

7. Add links to it if it is needed by clicking on the link icon.

8. Add your desired text under your panel.

You can drag the images in the Channel Description field if you are willing to change the order of your panels.

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