New features of Streamlabs OBS in 2020

Streamlabs has already introduced a few new features of their free broadcasting software, Streamlabs OBS in 2020, trying to innovate and ease the work of live streaming content creators. Some of these new features are only available with Streamlabs Prime but most of these features can be used for completely free.

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a free, all-in-one live streaming software, which allows you to customize your live streaming channel, by providing every necessary feature for streaming in one program. Streamlabs also has a monthly subscription called Streamlabs Prime, which provides another toolkit with countless extra features to further improve your live stream.

Selective Recording

Selective recording is a completely free feature unique to Streamlabs OBS, which allows you to set each of your in-OBS sources whether you want them to be only streamed, only recorded or both streamed and recorded.

In my opinion, adding this feature is game-changing (pun intended) for creators who also have a YouTube channel and are creating videos on a regular basis of their live streaming content (you should have a YouTube channel if you are willing to grow your streaming channel!).

You can turn off for example the recording of your webcam or your overlay over your gameplay, which lets you create higher quality videos or montages, which could be more enjoyable for YouTube users.

Setting up the Selective streaming feature is super easy: just click on the icon in line with your desired source and select whether you want to record it or not.

Layout Editor

This feature was originally introduced in Streamlabs in early 2020, but it became a live feature in May. Layout editor lets you customize the UI of Streamlabs OBS Editor by allowing you to select which elements you would like to see and use while you are streaming.

With Layout Editor, you can choose from 6 premade layouts that you can fill with your selected elements, making it super easy to keep track of every info you need while you are streaming.

Streamlabs also added a new element in the Layout Editor called ‘Browser Elements’ which allows you to see a smaller window of your browser as part of your UI.

Layout Editor is free to use if you have SLOBS, but it has a Streamlabs Prime-exclusive feature, which allows you to create multiple layouts and switch between themes easily. This could come handy if you are live streaming a variety of content: if one day you are singing live, another day you are playing CS:GO on your stream, you might want to see what is going on your stream in a different perspective.

I personally prefer this layout, because I can see and can follow up on my feed because it looks like a list, and my live stream’s picture is smaller, which helps to improve the performance of my PC. I can also easily manage my sources and my scenes as well as my audio channels.

Streamlabs Deck

Streamlabs Deck is a mobile app created by Streamlabs, which is intended to serve as a free version of the Elgato Stream Deck so to speak or as a ‘remote controller’. You can connect the app to your Streamlabs software by scanning a QR code from Streamlabs OBS (you can find it in Settings > Remote Control), or you can do it manually by providing your IP address, port, and API token.

The app allows you to start and stop live streaming and/or recording, you can switch between your scenes and can mute and unmute your audio. This app also lets you track your chat and the events that happened on your channel, such as follows, donations, and subs.

Although it is a super handy app, some might struggle with the setup. If you are interested in using this app, I recommend watching a video first on how to set it up correctly.

Streamlabs deck is available both on Google Play and in the App Store.

Streamlabs Panels

Another new feature released in May 2020 is Streamlabs Panels, which allows you to create customized panels for you Twitch and/or Mixer channels. Streamlabs created more than 50 panel templates, so everyone could find a panel to their liking.

You can change the color scheme, the font, and the icon on your selected panel and once you are done, you are able to download the panels you created as a set or one-by-one as high-quality images.

Streamlabs Panels helps you to create your own brand, by allowing you to create unified looking panels for your channel.

For more info about Streamlabs panels, you can read my full post about it here.

Dynamic Bitrate

This amazing Streamlabs feature allows you to avoid dropping frames while you are live streaming by automatically adjusting your bitrate based on the condition of your internet connection. If your bitrate is static (for example, always set as 2500) and your network is not stable, or you are experiencing lags, your OBS will not be able to keep up with the standard bitrate because of the slower connection, and it will cause dropping frames in your video.

To avoid this, Streamlabs developed dynamic bitrates, which you can allow from the main settings dialog (Settings > Advanced) in your Streamlabs OBS software. You can set a target bitrate, which will be achieved in normal conditions (when your network is stable), and depending on the speed of your connection, Streamlabs will automatically change your bitrate, which achieves very smooth broadcasting, with no lags. After your network stabilizes, your stream will run with your target bitrate again.


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