How to create your own logo without photoshop

To build a brand and get recognized online, you should create a logo for your live stream. A good logo helps to identify you and your brand, makes you stand out from the crowd, which leads to more viewers in a short time, and to a name on the market on the long run.

Your logo should show what you value or love in connection with your live stream – it should contain all the key information about you and your streaming style, so when people look at it, they will know what you are about.

But when you are just starting your streaming career you might not be a Photoshop expert or might not have the money to consult with experts about creating a logo.

Lucky for you, there are some platforms on the internet that lets you create a logo for free!

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Here are 3 websites you can use for creating a logo for your live stream:

1. Canva


3. Stencil

I listed the sites in order of the difficulty of them (in my experience and opinion): Canva has the most features, and Stencil is the easiest to use. I think the usage of every platform listed above can be mastered by simply using them because their designing tools are mostly clear and straightforward.

These platforms are generally very easy to use (compared to Photoshop), and they offer you a wide range of free templates and elements you can create your logo with.

Once you created the logo of your dreams, you should use it as a profile picture on Twitch/Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to show a unified image of yourself.

Before you start creating your logo

Before you start designing, think about what colors you will use during the creation. Come up with a color palette of 4-5 colors that are matching and what you like. Pinterest is an amazing website to find such palettes.

These colors should be used later every time you create something connected to your live streaming (you should use these colors for you stream overlay, your Facebook posts, etc.) to keep the unified image of your brand you are building.

Find a font or two of your liking as well. Try to stick with these always.

What you should keep in mind when you will design your logos:

  • Use only 3 or 4 colors,

  • create a version with your channel’s name on it and one version with just the logo’s image itself,

  • always save your logos in PNG format,

  • try to keep the file size under 100KB where you can,

  • create multiple sizes of your logo (a 160x160 px, a 250x100 px, and a larger format for maximum quality: 3000x3000 px),

  • create multiple versions of your logos: a greyscale, a light-colored, and a colorful version.

A little cheat sheet for the social media platforms’ images:

Using Canva to create your own logo

Canva is very useful if you are willing to create a more sophisticated, simple logo for your live stream. This platform offers thousands of simple vector elements that could serve as the main image of your logo.

To use Canva, first you have to register a free account. You can sign up here.

After you signed up, you have the option to start a free 30-day trial of Canva Pro, but it is not necessary. However, Canva Pro gives you access to 60 million images, such as elements or stock photos to your designs, a lot of fonts, the possibility to create images with transparent background and higher quality images.

I think another reason for using Canva is because it is a super-effective tool for branding - it lets you create a Brand Kit where you can save and use the fonts, colors, and logos you are using while you are building your own live streaming career.

If you try the 30-day free trial you have the opportunity to create everything you’ll need for your brand in those 30 days and download the files to your computer, so I definitely recommend trying it.

Canva has thousands of pre-made templates – you can use these as inspiration for your own design. You can select one or more and just modify it to your liking by dragging and dropping the elements around; the interface is super simple to use and to understand. There is also a whole section on Canva, where you can learn how to master this platform.

Using to create your free logo

Placeit has a whole arsenal of gaming templates, from OBS stream overlays through Twitch banners to logos.

There are more than 2000 customizable, amazingly well-made gamer logos on this site. The range of elements you can modify or move is a lot smaller than Canva’s, but these logos are more cartoony, which can make your community feel closer to you because it makes them feel that you are an open, goofy streamer.

Some of Placeit’s templates are free and they are changing these free templates from time to time. You can check out the actual free templates here.

You can download a single logo for $39.95, but there are plans for unlimited access to all Placeit’s templates: you’ll have to pay $14.95/month or $99.95/year.

I think a big con of Placeit that many starting streamers use this platform to create their logo, and so there are many Placeit-made logos out there already. So, if you make your logo on this platform, there is a higher chance that you will less likely to stand out of the streaming crowd.

Using Stencil to create a free logo

Stencil is a very simple platform to create all kinds of designs. Just like Canva, this site has templates as well, which are fully customizable. With the free version of Stencil, you can use 10 images a month to create your own design. With the paid plans, you can use as many as you wish.

However, I only recommend using this site, if you really want a simple design and a relatively simple method to create it, because Stencil was invented to create content for social media, therefore the possibilities on this platform are limited.

On the other hand, you are less likely to get lost in all of the possibilities this platform provides and it is super fast.

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