The Ultimate Guide to NightBot for beginners

It is possible that you’ve already seen a chatter called ‘Nightbot’ constantly posting on a few streamers' channels. Sometimes it responds to some of the chatter’s messages and sometimes it just throws links or emotes around or welcomes followers and new subscribers.

In this post, I’m introducing you to this ‘shady’ guy Nightbot, who is everywhere on Twitch and Mixer making thousands of streamers’ lives easier and their stream more entertaining and personal.

Is Nightbot a person?

No, Nightbot is not an actual person. It is an automated chatbot, which has various features built-in it, in order to help streamers entertain and grow their community and to moderate their live stream’s chat.

As Nightbot is not a person, there are things even Nightbot cannot do to help you with, so I recommend choosing 3 or 4 of your loyal and reliable viewers to be promoted as a moderator to help you when Nightbot's assistance is not enough.

Does using Nightbot cost money?

No, It is completely free to use, there are no features implemented as of today, which requires you to pay for it in order to be used.

What are the features of Nightbot?

Nightbot offers a wide range of features:

1. Creating custom and default commands

Commands are basically certain texts, which function as a trigger for Nightbot to do a certain bot action when one of your viewers send it as a chat message on your live stream. Example: one of your chatters send a message with the text: ‘!watchtime’, and Nightbot will automatedly chat back the time your viewer spent watching your stream in their session if this command is properly set up by the streamer.

In Nightbot, you can create as many commands as you want (custom commands), but there are some that are set up by default.

2. Creating giveaways

Nightbot is also very good for setting up giveaways. For example, if you have in-game codes you are willing to raffle, with Nightbot’s giveaway feature you can randomly choose a winner from the eligible viewers who entered your giveaway.

3. Chat logs

Nightbot provides searchable chat logs, which contain chat text from the past week.

4. Regulars

This feature lets you promote your viewers as ‘regulars’. This group of people is basically another level of users. You can grant extra permissions to them: commands only they can use and spam filters.

5. Song requests

Nightbot has a very advanced song requesting service. Twitch users love song requests! With this built-in feature, your community can build a queue of upcoming songs. Nightbot also provides an app called Nightbot App, which makes song requests and their handling more easy and customizable.

6. Spam protection

Spam filters come very handy when it comes to moderating your live stream’s chat. There are multiple types of spam filters included in Nightbot:

  • Blacklist (words and/or phrases): This filter allows you to timeout custom words, phrases, and patterns.

  • Excess Caps: this filter lets you timeout users who shout in your chat (using excess capital letters in their text)

  • Excess emotes: this filter allows you to timeout users who are using too many emotes.

  • Links: this filter can automatically remove links from your chat that are not whitelisted as well as timing out the user who posted the link.

  • Excess Symbols: this filter allows you to timeout users who are using excess symbols.

  • Repetitions: this filter allows you to timeout users who repeat words or phrases.

7. Automated messages (timers)

Timers or automated messages lets you set up custom texts that will be sent in your live stream’s chat by Nightbot in recurring intervals. These messages could be links to your sponsored giveaways or to your social media, as well as reminders to your chat.

8. Discord and Muxy integrations

Using this feature allows you to integrate Nightbot into Discord and Muxy, which means after the integration, all of Nightbot’s settings will be there for your Discord channel in just a blink of an eye.

How do I set up Nightbot?

Setting up Nightbot is very easy. If you have a Twitch, a YouTube, or Mixer account, you can log in to Nightbot’s interface by just choosing your service provider and logging in on Nightbot’s homepage.

To make Nightbot work, you should add it to your channel, by clicking on the blue ‘Join Channel’ button on the top right of your main Dashboard. After this, a popup will tell you how to make Nightbot as a moderator, so it can ban and moderate people as well as post links into your live stream’s chat.

After this, you should add commands to your liking. Further below in this post, there are some example commands you can and should set up in Nightbot before you start using it.

After this, I also recommend setting up a few timers, including your social media links, because that might result in more regular viewers for you.

How do I create Nightbot commands?

There are a few built-in commands in Nightbot:

  • !commands: Allows users to see a list of channel commands, and allows moderators to manage custom commands

  • !commercial: Runs a commercial/ad on your stream (if your channel is partnered)

  • !filters: Allows moderators to manage spam protection filter settings

  • !game: Allows users to see the current game of the stream, and allows moderators to change the current game

  • !poll: Allows moderators to create a Strawpoll within chat, and allows users to see the results

  • !regulars: Allows moderators to manage the channel regulars list

  • !songs: Allows users to request songs, and allows moderators to manage the requested songs queue

  • !title: Allows users to see the current title of the stream, and allows moderators to change the current title

  • !winner: Allows moderators to choose a random active user as a winner.

You can disable these commands by going clicking on ‘Commands’, select ‘Default’ and under the ‘Actions’ column clicking on ‘Disable’ next to the command you are willing to disable.

To add custom commands, go to ‘Commands’ and select ‘Custom’. These commands are the ones you set up for your personal needs.

First, you have to name the text that will trigger the bot’s action. This text usually begins with an ‘!’ (exclamation mark) but it can be any text you want. The command should relate to the action it is triggering.

Next, set up the message. It can be anything you want, however, in Nightbot, you can use some so-called ‘variables’. Variables are basically data items. For example, the variable ‘$(user)’ prints the name of the user who calls the command. A detailed guide on Nightbot’s variables can be found here:

Next, you have to set the user level, which tells Nightbot what users you want this command to be able to execute. For example, you can add a command which lets a Regular timeout a user for 3 minutes in case there is no moderator present in your chat room.

You can set up how much time should pass before the command can be used again after it was used.

The last option is to create an alias for the command you are creating, which allows you to add multiple commands resulting in the same. For example, you have a command named !song which prints the artist and the name of the song that is playing on your stream you should create a command !currentsong and !shazam and set their aliases as !song. With this method !currentsong and !shazam will print the same as !song would.

The most basic Nightbot custom commands on Twitch

I’m giving you some basic custom commands that you should implement to Nightbot. Just change YOURACCOUNTNAME with the name of your Twitch account.

What timers should you add to Nightbot?

Timers should serve as reminders for your community. Hence, I recommend setting up timers about your content on other platforms. Based on this, I think you should add a timer on the following manners:

  1. Your Facebook page’s link, urging the community to like it.

  2. Your Instagram’s link, asking your viewers to follow for more content.

  3. Your most recent YouTube video’s link with its title.

  4. Your Twitter’s link.

  5. If you have any giveaway or special announcement you want your viewers to know a small description of it.

Please keep in mind that for each timer you should set a moderate or long interval to repeat. I also recommend setting at least 10 chat lines for each timer, so it won’t look spammy if you have only a few active chatters on your live stream.

Is it possible to rename Nightbot?

No, currently it is not possible.

What are Nightbot’s alternatives?

One of the most powerful stream bots is integrated into Streamlabs. Another possibility is using Stream elements. Streamlabs and Stream elements are all-in-one streaming apps, and setting up is just a part of them. I think these app’s bots are more advanced than Nightbot is currently.

Third, I would like to mention Moobot. Moobot is a “soft” all-in-one streaming app. It only lets you create a restricted amount of commands and filters without purchasing a Moobot Plus plan. Renaming this stream bot is also possible if you purchase the Moobot Plus Business plan for $24.99/month.

Please let me know if you want me to write a guide about any of the aforementioned bots.

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