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The Stream Deck is a device that is designed to help streamers be more efficient while streaming. This piece of streaming equipment is designed to help you manage your stream by giving you 6, 15, or 32 extra, customizable LCD keys, depending on what size fits you the best.

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This device is basically a substitute for hard-to-memorize keyboard shortcuts and time-consuming clicks. With just pushing one programmed button, you can for example easily play custom audio or GIF while on the fly. If you buy this amazing product, you can make your stream more enjoyable by shortening the time you would spend clicking around in Windows or in OBS. The possibilities are endless.


Item Dimensions (without stand):

Mini (6 keys): 3.3 x 2.4 x 2.3 in / 84 x 60 x 58 mm

Standard (15 keys): 4.6 x 3.3 x 0.8 in / 118 x 84 x 21 mm

XL (32 keys): 7.17 x 4.41 x 1.34 in / 182 x 112 x 34 mm

Interface: USB 3.0

Main material: high-quality plastic.

What's in the box?

  • Streaming Deck,

  • Stand for the Streaming Deck (magnetic, only for Standard and XL sizes),

  • USB C to USB A cable,

  • quick start guide by Elgato.


The buttons on the Stream Deck are glossy, but the carrying frame has a matt finish. I think they perfectly complement each other. The Deck has a very professional-like appearance.

You can customize all of the LCD buttons on your Stream Deck by choosing your desired images in the Stream Deck Software (you can download it from Elgato's webpage) to be the backlight of the key.

You can adjust the Stand on 3 different heights to hold the Deck itself, depending on what's most comfortable for you. I find this leveling possibility very appealing since I like to keep it almost flat.

The Deck has a fixed cable at the back, but I don't think that would be much of an issue if you have a clean desk to put the Deck and your screen on. The cable is cased in a fine woven wrap that prevents it from any breaking or chipping.

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The Stream Deck is really easy to set up. First, download the Stream Deck Software from Elgato's webpage. Unbox the device and attach the smaller end of the cable (the USB A part) to your Deck, and plug the other end (USB C head) into your PC. I really like the fact that Stream Deck receives electricity through this USB cable, so you won't get lost in more and more cables around your desk.


Once attached to your PC, you can fully customize it by using Elgato's software.

You can select each key individually to set up their function and a custom background by double-clicking on the key. Every key on this wonderful Stream Deck can function as a folder, so each button can be a parent key of 14 nested keys, which means in total you can set up 210 different actions on the 15-key Stream Deck.

On the right side of the software, you have different platform's and software's functions listed.

You can easily set up shortcuts for:

  • Game Capture,

  • Mixer,

  • OBS Studio,

  • Soundboard,

  • Stream Deck,

  • Streamlabs,

  • Streamlabs OBS,

  • System,

  • Twitch,

  • Twitter,

  • XSplit,

  • YouTube,

  • Control Center, and

  • Voicemod.

By clicking on 'More Actions' you can add even more possibilities - I liked the TeamSpeak and Minecraft shortcuts very much!

The possibilities with this amazing device are almost endless.

If you open Settings (by clicking on the little gear icon) on the 'General' tab you can name your Stream Deck, set the keys' brightness and update the firmware. On 'Accounts' tab, you can set up your own account. You can add Profiles too, which means if you are using for example Photoshop and you are a streamer at the same time, you should set up two profiles: one for Photoshop shortcuts and another profile for streaming. With this, you can add even more than 210 key bindings.

You can play around as much as you want until you get the perfect setup.



  • Super easy to set up and navigate,

  • highly customizable,

  • the keys' possibilities are endless,

  • little size and minimalist design,

  • very sturdily made,

  • premium quality,

  • Rated 4,7 out of 5 on Amazon.


  • Fixed cable at the back that could be in the way,

  • if you push the keys too hard, the little LCD screen does weird things,

  • the cable might be too short for some,

  • after pushing a key there might be a small delay if your PC is a bit older.


I literally felt like a child on Christmas Day when I put my hands on this amazing device. I was blown away how simple it was to set it up and how clean it's interface looks. I love the fact that it only has one cable, so my desk still looks clean.

I spent hours to completely set it up for my needs, but after I was done, streaming on Twitch never felt so easy. I honestly feel like it helps a lot more to connect with my community; in fact, they were hyped as well when I introduced my precious Deck to them! :-)

I think the Elgato Stream Deck is worth every penny I spent, it was one of my best decisions to buy this little miracle.

I recommend the 15 keys version to everyone. My opinion is that Stream Deck XL might only fit people who really want to push many different buttons in a small timeframe (for example if they play a lot of sound effects while streaming).

If your community is small or if you are really a streamer built on your gameplay, I think the best version to choose is the Mini, 6 keys version.

You can buy your Elgato Stream Deck HERE:


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