9 ways to get more viewers on twitch in 2020

Are you struggling to get more watchers on Twitch? In this detailed guide, I'm giving you a few tips and tricks on how to grow your Twitch community in a short time.

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Treat your streaming channel as a business

If you are willing to stream for money, you should - from the very first moment - treat you Twitch stream as a business. This means that you should think forward, always plan your next step and build an actual brand of yourself and your stream channel. You are creating content and you want people to find you.

Ask yourself a few questions: who are you willing to stream for? What age, what sex, what location/language? What games will you stream? What time will you stream?

Most importantly if you want to get more and more followers and a loyal community, as 'Step 0' I recommend to build the image of your business. Think about famous streamers, for example, Pokimane or Dr. Disrespect. They have their own colors and little details, which makes them recognizable even for people who are not watching them regularly. Or you can think about McDonald's or Facebook: their logos are known worldwide - you recognize them instantly from just an 'M' or an 'f'.

You should - of course - not aim such heights like McDonald's at first, but if you want to get recognized you have to create your logo, choose the colors you wish to use and the overall concept of your Twitch stream. Your image or brand should be consistent - this ultimately shows viewers your professionalism and commitment to Twitch streaming.

Grow your community on Social Media

I know everybody tells about the importance of Social Media to grow nowadays. But this is true: in our fast world, it became super easy to connect with people through these platforms. By setting up accounts on these platforms, you can start to build up your community by giving information about your Twitch stream channel and by showing them, why should they watch and/or follow you.

These platforms are completely free to use, so in my opinion, every streamer should set these up for themselves because basically it is free advertising for your business!


In order to get more viewers, my opinion is that the easiest and fastest way is to use Facebook.

Almost every person in the world has a Facebook account and they are using it EVERY DAY. If you are going fishing, you are going to a lake where there are plenty of fish, right? Now I'm going to show you, how to fish most efficiently on Facebook.

1. Create a page on Facebook for your Twitch Channel

With Facebook, you can create your own fan page for your Twitch Stream Channel.

Keep an eye on the fact that you are building your business, so at the creating, you should add your logo as a profile picture if you are not willing to set one of your face. Our goal here is to create a unified image of what we are doing and who we are.

To grow your audience, I advise you to invite your friends to follow your page. If you hit at least 10 likes, you are on the right path in Facebook's algorithm's eyes. The more followers you got, the more people can Facebook suggest liking your page.

On your Facebook page, you should post updates regularly about when you go live, when you are doing a giveaway, if you hit a milestone in your game etc. Staying consistent and constantly posting helps to reach out to more people and to the people who already liked your page. Regular posting indicates that you are professionally doing what you are doing and also reminds people that you exist.

At the same time, I do not recommend using Facebook advertising. My experience is that you cannot get the proper amount of likes for the money you are spending on ads.

2. Join Facebook groups

The second possibility on Facebook to grow your community is joining (either as your page or as your private profile) niche-specific groups and post there about your Facebook page, your Tweets or Instagram posts. By joining Twitch Stream themed Facebook groups you can connect to people who are genuinely interested in videogame streaming.

Please keep in mind that you SHOULD NOT spam these groups with posts about your stream because that would seem like you are desperate for viewers and followers.

The more you connect with people in these groups, the more followers you will get eventually.


Another perfect platform to connect with your community is Instagram. I highly recommend creating a business profile on Instagram so you can add a website link to your Instagram bio. On Instagram, you can post about your personal life which helps to connect with your community more because sharing a piece of your personal life helps to build up trust with your followers.

People also love visual storytelling nowadays, because it is super fast and very informative at the same time.

The most important thing to do on Instagram when you are posting something is to use relevant HASHTAGS. Before you post something you should do hashtag research, to uncover Twitch and streaming related hashtags. In one post you can use up to 30 hashtags and I recommend using 30 every time you post something. If you use the hashtags correctly, you will get followers on Instagram super easily.


The third Social Media platform I recommend is Twitter. On this platform, you can post updates about your Stream. Posting a tweet about you going online will make your followers tune in and watch you once you do so.

Also, you can keep your followers up-to-date with just short messages.

Don't forget to put all of your social media platform's links on your Twitch Channel! If you encourage your viewers to like or follow you on these platforms, you will be able to reach out to them, making them watch your stream every now and then.

Create a website for your Twitch Channel

I highly recommend to create the webpage for your Twitch Channel. First of all, this is not free, you have to invest money, but setting up your own webpage with your own domain shows that you are truly professional and serious about your streaming career. Once you set up your webpage, it can be found in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) so it can drive you more and more traffic and viewers. Also, you can add your social media handles to your website, set up a mailing list which once again helps you to connect with your community.

Creating your own website consolidates all your online presence on one singular place, so when people go and search for your Twitch name on the internet, it makes them easier to figure out what is going on with you (this applies for sponsors and affiliates of your channel as well).

1. Creating your website with Streamlabs

In my opinion, the best way to create your own website is using Streamlabs' Creator site.

If you create a Steamlabs account, you have everything connected to your streaming career integrated into one place. Streamlabs has created Streamlabs OBS, which is a bit more user-friendly broadcasting software than regular OBS.

Creating a website often causes extremely hard times for people who are not web developers or just do not have experience in building a website yet. Streamlabs makes it a lot easier by providing a feature of creating your own streaming-themed website by just dragging and dropping elements of your site around. This feature lets you embed your live stream on your home page. If you do so, the visitors who come can take a look around on your site while they are watching your Twitch stream. You can directly set up your merch's and donation page's links under your embedded stream, which could help you make more money.

You can easily manage your SEO in the Creator site to get found on Google.

If you are using the Streamlabs Creator site, you can add your own domain, which again shows professionalism.

You can use the Streamlabs Creator site if you purchase Streamlabs Prime, which can be paid in two different ways:

  • paying it yearly: 149$/year - 12.42$/month - billed annually.

  • paying it monthly: 19$/month - billed monthly.

For this price, you can not only create your website with your chosen domain but you can get exclusive premium design packages for your stream, you can add more apps to it, get extra storage on Streamlabs and can create your own merch and many more. Don't forget to mention that Streamlabs' support staff if is super fast and kind if you contact them.

If you are using this link to subscribe to Streamlabs Prime, you'll get $10 off on your yearly plan or $9 off on your monthly plan.

I recommend paying one month first, to see if you like it or not. If you do like it, you can change your plan to an annual subscription.

2. Creating your website with WIX

Another site I recommend to build your own website is wix.com. This is also a drag-and-drop site-building platform, but it is not directly tailored for streamers. This means that you have more freedom to create the content on your site, but at the same time, it is harder to create a professional Twitch streamer-themed look, which can be time-consuming.

Wix has different plans to pay the hosting, starting from 17$/month.

You can register to wix.com here.

3. Creating your website with Bluehost (WordPress)

The third website hosting I recommend is BlueHost. BlueHost works with WordPress hosting, for almost 20 years now, so we could say they are reliable and experienced in the website hosting. The advantage of using BlueHost is that their plans are super cheap. The downside of this price is that you really have to have some sort of sense of web development to build the page of your dreams. You can add wonderful apps to your page with BlueHost to achieve better SEO score.

Bluehost starts for 2.95$/month with the basic pack. You can register to Bluehost here.

Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos about your Twitch streaming gets you two things done at the same time: you will possibly get more followers and - after a short time - you could monetize your YouTube channel, which means more income from your streaming career.

You can basically add a montage of your gameplay or just one game where you did particularly good, or where something funny or weird happened. Give your video a catchy title and a catchy thumbnail and just upload it! People will watch it, no matter your editing. You will get more experience on the way and get better at editing, but in the meantime, you'll get view time and subscribers to achieve monetization on your channel.

I honestly advise you to start today, even if you think that the quality is not perfect or if you think that someday you will edit a good video that will be worthy of upload. Don't procrastinate: upload your content today to get a headstart on the path. Link your YouTube channel on your Facebook page, on your website and get the views!

Stream consistently

Yes, this is a huge part of being successful on Twitch. You probably have your own personal schedule - you know when you are working, in college or in school and when you have your free time. Find at least 3 days, when you can stream for 2-4 hours. Stick with these hours and create a time table: tell your viewers when you will stream and don't just hop on and stream when you think you have time and the mood! If you set the exact time of your streaming sessions, more people (who like your stream) will tune in and watch you.

You can add a little extension called 'Weekly Schedule' on your Twitch channel to inform the viewers about your streaming schedule.

Create a giveaway

Getting more followers and viewers can be achieved by creating giveaways. In this one, you have to invest money, but it's worth it!

You can create giveaways in many ways: use https://gleam.io/ or YouTube, Facebook or Discord.

You should set conditions for the people entering the giveaway: make the crowd like or follow your social accounts, subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc. This will get you more and more followers, so there would be more potential viewers. You can hype up the crowd about the raffle: stream live as you draw the winner and set the date one or two weeks before you will do it on LIVE STREAM.

Creating a giveaway also makes your community feel like that you are willing to give something back to them and that you care about them.

Create a Discord server for your Twitch stream

Once you reach more than 50 viewers on average on Twitch, you should create a Discord server and invite your watchers to join. Set up Discord in accordance with your streaming brand: add your logo as server picture, add custom emotes, etc.

On this platform, you can respond to some personal questions more directly and even the followers can connect with each other, building a stronger community.

Other big thing on Discord is that you can send an instant message reminding your followers that you are going online, and they'll get a notification on their phone or PC that you sent a message in the group chat.

You should add more channels to the server for different topics you and your community could discuss.

Connect with your viewers and talk while you are streaming

If you are just starting on this rocky path, don't forget that you should keep talking even if you have 0 viewers! Imagine if you were just clicking on a stream to see what is going on in there and you just see a guy sitting there with a poker face completely silent... Well that isn't so winsome, is it?

You don't have to be funny or force yourself to be something you are not. Just try to speak what is on your mind: what you are doing in the game and why? If you are saying interesting things, people will stick with you, trust me.

If you have a small audience keep an eye on your Twitch chat and answer people who are trying to reach out to you. This is a nice way to keep yourself talking and chatting viewers will also feel connected so they will most likely come back and watch you the next time you go online.

Don't give up and don't be afraid to start!

Every start is hard, I know that. Just set your mind on what you ware willing to achieve and start streaming in a schedule for 3 or 4 weeks, and then it will most likely become a habit. Just start it today, no excuses. I'll be honest: during this first period, you - most likely - will not get very successful.

I think the most important thing to do to achieve your goals and get more and more viewers is to don't give up. If you stick with the above-mentioned strategies, your stream will grow eventually. Believe in yourself, because if others could have done it, you can do it too. Every famous streamer was just a normal person like you once, but they stuck with their vision and they became successful. It takes around a year or more to build a base of constant viewers and a stable community.

From the amount of your first donations, you should upgrade your streaming equipment and educate yourself to become more and more professional in streaming. Hopefully one day with all the money streams you set up (donations, YouTube revenue, your own merch, etc.) you can become a full-time Twitch streamer.

Good luck!


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