10 Best gamer girl accessories for live streaming

Wondering how you can spice up your live stream or your gaming room with accessories? Are you a girl? If the answer to the questions is YES then you are lucky because in this post I'm giving you the 10 BEST gamer girl accessories!

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1. Environment-friendly tumbler: drink chic and conscious during your stream

During long live streams, every streamer gets thirsty. This tumbler comes in 43 colors and 9 different sizes so you definitely can find your favorite design. It is made of stainless steel, so it can keep your coffee or tea hot or ice-cold during an 8 hr live streaming session.

This tumbler has a very slim and clean design and comes with a straw that makes it easier for you to drink.

It is super easy to keep clean and reusable, so it's 100% environment friendly.

It can even become one of the signature items of your live streams. Maybe it will be even worthy of a 'Sip' emote... Who knows? :-) Check it on Amazon

2. Razer's kitty ears for headphones

These kitty ears are specially designed for Razer's Kraken headsets but might fit other ones as well. This little accessory makes you even cuter, makes wearing a headset more feminine. Also, this can be a sign of a serious live streamer girl, because most people recognize that these kitty ears are by Razer and they know that Razer is a premium brand for gamers.

The ears come in 3 different colors, but my favorite is the quartz (pastel) pink one. #kittykrakens!

Check it on Amazon

3. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is definitely an accessory you'll need on your gamer room's wall. You can combine the kit's 9 LED triangles, connecting them at their corners so it is fully customizable to your liking.

This 9 piece set lights up your whole room, and it can also dance to your music while you are streaming!

Don't forget to mention that this LED light is working with Alexa and Nanoleaf has a mobile app you can use to manually set up the color of each triangle panel.

Check it on Amazon

4. "Warning, may yell while gaming" hoodie

Live streaming in this hoodie makes it more fun (especially if you are a loud streamer)! This hoodie can provide warmth on a cold winter day for both of your body and soul... :-)

The pink warning sign shows off the girl inside of you, even though you sometimes screaming and yelling.

You tried to save your audience's ears, right?

This design is also available on a v-neck t-shirt, on a boyfriend style t-shirt, and on a tank top.

You can shop this wear HERE.

5. OP SEAT Master chair in pink

This chair is one of the bests you can get today. This a very sturdy chair made of high-quality materials. The chair comes with 2 extra cushions (with memory foam) to support your back and your neck while you are live streaming (sometimes 8+ hours a day...).

I really like that it is not a completely pink chair, rather a black chair with pink details. If you don't like the pink one, there are 8 other color options you can choose from.

I extremely love that this chair gives a 'hugging' feeling to my body and it is big enough to move around in it. This chair feels just like a little nest.

This chair is freely shipped worldwide and has 2 years of warranty; if you have any issues regarding the chair, OP SEAT's customer service is super friendly!

You can buy the OP SEAT Master Chair HERE.

If you use my link, you'll get $10 off at checkout!

6. Curtain lights

Another cute accessory of your gamer room could be a set of curtain lights behind your back. These lights give a cozy feeling for your room with these warm-colored LED bulbs. You can play around with the LED cords, for example, you can run it around your pictures or posters.

Most of these curtain lights come with different light modes, so you can change the intensity and effects of the bulbs while you are live streaming (most of the time there is a remote control included in the pack).

Check it now on Amazon

7. Chonky Shiba Inu plushie

Shiba Inus became overly popular on the internet in the past 10 years (thanks to 9GAG I guess..?). Let's face it, these dogs are overly cute! Especially if they have a chonky body...

I think 99% of the internet people find chonky Shiba Inus overly cute. Good thing is, there are plushies of them on the market!

Throw this little fella on your shelf or bed behind you while streaming. It will add +100 points to your cuteness factor, I promise.

You can get this cutie on Amazon

8. A geek poster on your wall

I recommend decorating your gamer room with posters of games, series, or characters you play and/or like. It shows your viewers instantly what they should expect from you and your live stream.

For example, if you usually play Skyrim or League of Legends on your stream, but you feel tired or exhausted and start to live stream Animal Crossing and you have a poster about Skyrim on your wall, the viewers who just randomly join your stream will know that you like Skyrim and it might make them follow you, even though they don't really like Animal Crossing.

So, adding posters to your room:

  • looks super cool,

  • shows off what you love, and

  • may drive more viewers!

9. Cat cosplay costume

Buying this 4-piece cosplay costume is something that you and your community will definitely like. These are super cheap but can make you super cute. :-)

You can create a sub or donation goal you have to reach in exchange for wearing this costume on your live stream. Also, you in this costume would serve as an amazing Instagram post material!

You can choose from 6 different color combinations on Amazon

Please keep in mind that you should stay at the 'cute' level while wearing this costume on stream, and stay family-friendly. Streaming platforms regulate nudity while streaming. Before you wear this costume with little to no clothing on, please read the community standards carefully or it might result in a ban from your streaming platform.

10. Razer headset stand in quartz pink

This headset stand is super sturdy and good looking at the same time because it is pastel PINK! :-)

Razer is famous for creating premium-quality equipment for gamers. This headset stand is no exception. This piece of live streaming equipment will work as a 3in1 accessory for you:

  • As a headset stand,

  • as a USB hub, and

  • as a nice aesthetic element for your streaming room.

The LED lights under the stand can be controlled with Razer's software, directly from your PC.

Check it on Amazon

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